Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome to the Kitchen!

After long promising my kids to write out my (second!) cookbook, We moved into the age of computers.

Instead of writing and publishing an actual cookbook, It is easier and less expensive to publish a cooking blog. So here we go.

At least three of my sons are "Foodies", and my daughter is a modern day pioneer. She cooks almost entirely from scratch.... as in, you have to grind real grains of wheat to bake bread! She has access to fresh -from- the- cow whole raw milk, and eggs so fresh you can chase the chicken off the nest. The rest of us do the best we can with regular grocery store foods.

All of my family will have access to posting recipes on this blog. I will make some categories to file recipes under, so that the tried and true recipes will be easier to find. I will have a link to my basic pantry list, in case you are just setting up a kitchen and need to know what to buy to be able to "cook".

In my cooking, recipes are "guidelines". Never be afraid to add, substitute, or subtract ingedients in cooking. But never do this when baking... Baking is Science, Cooking is Art!

I hope to have many recipes illustrated with photos... especially since Becky just got her new camera!

Come on in, grab a mug of tea, and lets cook something!

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