Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meet the Cooks, Updated!

Meet The Cooks

It has certainly been awhile since we updated this blog. I am beginning with our introductions. There is a new link to the updated "Meet The Cooks" post above... or use the link of the same name on the sidebar.

Since the blog began back in 2010, quite a bit has changed in our family. If you don't already know us, feel free to follow the link and learn more about our clan.
I have ten grandkids, ranging in age from a freshly minted 15 year old, down to a fourteen month old toddler.
In 2012, one of my sons (Bill Joe) passed away. He was followed a few months later by my brother, (Roger). Bill Joe had asked me many times to write a cookbook- and was the primary reason I started this blog.

Maybe one day, it will turn into an actual cookbook.

Thanks for visiting!
~Tammy~  February 2016

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