Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spinach Salad Soup

This is a recipe from my 3 year old son Tyrel.

First, while Mama is occupied washing something (Kimber's hands maybe? I don't remember).  Start fixing your own salad from the ingredients that Mama has on the table for lunch. In this case, spinach for spinach salad. Once you have the right amount in your bowl, get the salad dressing (Vidalia Onion, yummy!) and fill you bowl so that the salad now resembles soup.

Just two simple ingredients, and almost no time at all!

So yes, Becky again.

Tyrel did that the other day. When I turned around and saw what he had done, I just mixed all of our salads into the dressing...and still had way too much, but it was tasty. :) Tyrel asked me why I was mixing all of our bowls of salad together, I told him that it was because he had got too much and I was redistributing so it didn't go to waste. He replied with "Yeah, I spilled it because I'm a boy and that's what boys do, right Mama?"

Where does he come up with these things?

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